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Welcome to a blog and good site note space for Steve as he abuses this page as a personal bookmarking place.

We will try to drop some regular articles and links about IM as well as discussing content, new ideas and tools being launched. Some posts might be a simple note about a URL or site that we think is interesting and worth bookmarking.

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New Course – LDR553

A short summary of why the new LDR553 course is built the way it is.

Examples of Public statements

This is where we’ll drop some public breach statements as we find them to serve as a reference to others looking to draft something similar: UBER Taken from (checked 1st Dec 2022): September 15, 6:25pm PT We are currently responding to a cybersecurity incident. We are in touch with law enforcement and will post…

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Hi, I’m Steve Armstrong besides teaching at SANS for over 15 years, I’ve been doing Incident Response, Incident Management, Cyber Forensics, Security Consulting since 1994.

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