Why I made this site

I’m super pleased to announce that I finally finished a brand new 2-day MGT553 Cyber Incident Management course with SANS. In this course we’ll look at all aspects of the Management side of an Incident. If you’ve ever worked in IR you will know the massive benefit of having people above you getting you the access, logs, support and engagement you need to focus on the technical aspects of the case. The MGT553 is designed to help Managers, Execs, Legal Counsel and Law Enforcement staff to understand their role so they can be more pre-emptive with their planning and delivery of assistance.

So this site is just for me and a few colleagues to be able to park URLs, posts and other handy guides so the course students can grab them before they attend or at anytime in the future.

I’ll try to post regularly, topics will either be blog posts on new and interesting items that pop into the cyber tech news and longer posts will be on guides and tips for all to be better at IM.

Finally, if you’re interested the Beta will run in May 2022 (link to register) and after that we have a series of private and public runs of the course.

I look forward to seeing you here and maybe on a course in the near future.

  • Steve AG

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